As our third year of designing and building outdoor showers has come to a close, we want to offer our sincerest thanks to you for joining us in embracing the simple joy of showering outdoors. It was the desire to share this pleasure with like-minded souls that inspired us to design our first outdoor shower, and then to turn that design into a business.

It is with a combination of sadness and relief that we have decided it is time to close up shop. We have devoted ourselves to the idea that the outdoor shower could be both functional and beautiful, a work of art crafted around a singular pleasure. The enthusiastic response to our showers has been widespread and is still growing among designers, architects, landscape architects, and fresh air enthusiasts around the world. Our showers now pepper the backyards, woods and coastlines of North America – enough to feel that we have planted a seed and contributed in a small way to the cultural shift towards living with more awareness of our connection to the earth. 

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support; it has been a beautifully satisfying journey which we are grateful to have been on, together and with you. Should you wish to be in touch, please feel free to email kirsten@oborain.com.

Kirsten and Jim





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