outdoor shower oborain bench


 Especially useful as part of the changing room set-up in the Duo or Trio, as a place to sit down outside of any  shower.  Also allows the elderly or handicapped to sit down while showering in a Solo (and take advantage of  the hand-held shower).

 stainless steel/ipe 
 dimensions: 3' w x 1' d x 17.5" h


outdoor shower oborain soap tray

 Soap Shelf*

 Stainless steel, slides right over wood slats.

 dimensions: 11.5" w x 5" d


outdoor shower oborain towel hook


 Towel Hook*

 Stainless steel, hooks onto wood slats, handy either inside the shower for your towel or outside for your robe.  One probably will not be enough!

 Set of Soap Shelf and 2 Towel Hooks, $145


outdoor shower oborain hose kit


 Hose Kit

 Hot and cold water hoses (50' long), plus fittings.


 describe the image


Drainage Pan*

Oborain's new integrated shower pan solves the drainage problem by allowing you to direct the shower run-off wherever you like - into a drainage pipe, downspout, gully, garden, or storage tank for irrigation purposes.

The stainless steel pan drops into the base frame and sits on tabs directly below the shower deck.  With the deck in place, the pan is practically invisible. The drainage valve is fitted with a simple garden hose connector, allowing for an ordinary garden hose hook-up. Our pan is fabricated locally with 20-guage stainless steel sheet metal. Fits the Piccolo, Solo, and Duo.


Dimensions: 38.25" x 38.25" x 4"



                                                                                                                                                   *Custom designed by Oborain.