Oborain began with a simple idea: an outdoor shower that you could set up on any level surface, plumb with garden hoses, and bring inside for the winter.  No need for trenches. 
No worry about freezing pipes.  Simply store it away, and in the spring bring it back out,
set it up, and you're ready to enjoy another season of outdoor showering.

But this is New England, where thoughts of winter are never far from your mind.  We do realize there are other places in the world where winter isn’t so much of a concern.  Nevertheless, the process of chasing these simple design parameters led us to a shower
that is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Through a succession of prototypes we pared away anything inessential, distilling the idea until each aspect of the design became the purest expression of its function.  The base needed to allow for drainage, and anchor the panels of the enclosure.  The frame needed
to be both light and strong, holding itself together without the need for extraneous hard- ware.  The panels needed to provide a comfortable degree of privacy without giving the
sense of being “closed in.”

From the shower fixture we wanted a delicious, warm enveloping rainfall, yet we also
wanted the hook-up to be as simple as connecting a garden sprinkler to a hose.  The materials needed to be both pleasing to the senses and able to withstand constant
exposure to the elements. Finding answers to these riddles feeds the continuing
evolution of our design.


Every piece of an Oborain shower is sanded, cut, polished, welded, drilled and assembled
by hand here in our shop in Western Massachusetts.  Every shower is fully assembled on
the shop floor before it is taken apart, carefully wrapped and packed into its shipping crate.  The few pieces of custom hardware we use in the showers are fabricated for us in local machine shops.

Our goal is precision in every detail, yet if you look very closely you’ll find the small
idiosyncrasies that are the signature of handcrafted work.  Our showers are made by people, not machines, and we take both pride and pleasure in that.

Learn more about models, materials, shower installation and care in our free catalog...

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