An unparalleled shower experience begins with an exceptional shower fixture

After surveying the field, we have chosen shower fixtures by Hansgrohe and Axor for our Oborain showers.  The showerpipes appeal to us for a number of reasons:

  • the minimalist simplicity and beauty of the designs
  • the solid engineering of each component
  • the thermostatic shower valve built into the fixture, allowing for exact temperature setting and adjustment, and providing scald-protection to the user
  • the showerpipe design keeps all the plumbing in front of the panel, leaving the back of the panel clear of additional plumbing pieces
  • the durability of the chrome finish
  • versatility of spray modes
  • and, of course, the overall pleasure of standing beneath them and showering!

We are currently offering two different fixtures: the Hansgrohe Croma Green Showerpipe (standard), and the Axor Citterio Thermostatic Showerpipe (optional).  Both work equally well with our shower enclosures.

The Croma Green Showerpipe offers:
     - Raindance S 150 AIR Green showerhead (single, full spray mode)
     - Croma E 100 Green handshower with full, pulsating massage, and intense turbo spray
     - 12" shower arm
     - Angle and height-adjustable handheld shower holder
     - Exposed thermostatic mixing valve w/ ceramic diverter and shut off valve

The Citterio Showerpipe offers:
     - Citterio showerhead w/ full, soft aerated and pulsating massage spray modes
     - Raindance S 100 AIR handshower with rain, balance and whirl spray modes
     - QuickClean function on showerhead and handshower
     - Porter handshower holder
     - Exposed thermostatic mixing valve w/ ceramic diverter and shut off valve

NOTE: Either fixture can be set up with the porter handshower holder, as pictured in our showers.